Our Mission is to give our clients the best chance of being approved for their visa through tailored, accurate and ethical immigration advice.

Visa Matters has a deserved reputation among our clients for our excellent knowledge of immigration requirements, our strong advocacy for clients, and for the superior client service we provide.

As a Visa Matters client, you will be fully informed on the recommended approach we expect to take with your visa application. We will explain any potential risks with your application, and develop a strategy to manage those risks before applying for a visa on your behalf.

This careful, conservative approach helps protect you from any nasty surprises during INZ’s processing of your application.

Visa Matters was established in 2017. Our team possesses decades of New Zealand immigration industry experience, both as immigration advisers and with Immigration New Zealand.

Ankur Sabharwal
Director & Immigration Adviser
Licence No. 201700093

Ankur is the Managing Director of Visa Matters Limited and a fully licensed immigration adviser. He provides expert advice and representation on a full range of visa types for people seeking travel, employment, study and residence in New Zealand, or entry to rejoin family members. He also represents employers for accreditation applications, appellants to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal, and people requesting Special Direction from the Minister of Immigration.

Known for a professional and meticulous approach, Ankur is easy to deal with, offering reliable and helpful advice, particularly with high-risk work visa applications to bring in skilled people from overseas on behalf of companies who can’t fill roles locally.

Ankur is a regular contributor to Stuff, New Zealand’s leading media organisation for more than 150 years from its roots in daily newspapers, read by more than 3 million New Zealanders. Through his Stuff opinion columns, Ankur provides insight and education into current visa issues, and highlights inequities in the system. His success rate is validated by regular five-star customer reviews on Google.

Ankur holds a Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice from Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology – a top graduate as profiled on their website.

Ankur is driven by the enjoyment and satisfaction of helping other people and creating positive outcomes in the lives of his clients and their families. He has served clients from over 40 different nationalities.

David Mills
Director of Strategy – Immigration
Licence No. 201500789

David Mills worked for Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for 17 years, mainly in management roles. His last position was as Branch Manager in Beijing. He has spent 15 years in Asia, first studying Chinese in Beijing for three years, then working at INZ at the NZ Embassy for six years as an immigration manager.

David has also worked as INZ Branch Manager in Singapore, Manila, Wellington and INZ Operational Support.

David was first licensed as an immigration adviser in 2015 and has taught the Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma in New Zealand Immigration Advice courses at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology since 2014.

In his role at Visa Matters, David provides strategic advice on how best to approach client cases to maximise the chances of success. David does not represent clients.

David Mason
Sr. Immigration Adviser
Licence No. 200800148

David Mason is a former Consular Official of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (postings to Papua New Guinea, Republic of Korea, Germany and Perth – Australia) and a past director of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment (NZAMI).

David has provided immigration advisory services for over 32 years to applicants from 35 countries and to some of New Zealand’s largest companies.

David splits his time between NZ and the UK. His ability to conduct personal interviews of UK candidates (employment and visa issues) on behalf of NZ employers in this key market has proved most useful.