Work Visa

​Work visa policies have changed!  The Accredited Employer Work Visa has replaced the Essential Skills category from July 2022.

Eligibility for Post-Study work visas and some partnership-based work visas has also changed.

Visa Matters’ licensed immigration advisers are fully up-to-date with the Government’s changes to work visas.

We will guide you towards the work visa category which suits you best, and provide you and your employer the best advice before you apply for a visa.

Student Visa

Our principal adviser is also an Education New Zealand (ENZ) trained education agent who knows all about studying in New Zealand.

Visa Matters is also accredited by a large number of government and private tertiary education providers, so can help you find your ideal course.

Visa Matters handles your student visa application and we can also assist with accommodation and airport pick-ups.

If you need help with your student visa, Visa Matters is expert at explaining to INZ why you deserve a chance!

Visitor Visa

Visitors can normally stay nine months in New Zealand, but did you know that if you apply for a special category of visitor visa, you could stay even longer? Perhaps you have already spent 9 months in New Zealand in the past 18 months on a general visitor visa. Visa Matters are experts on special category visitor visas that allow you to stay longer, including:

  • Business visitors
  • Genuine tourists
  • Partners of New Zealand citizens/residents
  • Partners of work visa holders
  • Guardians accompanying students to New Zealand
  • Parents and grandparents of New Zealand citizen/residents

Resident Visa – SMC

In New Zealand, Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) visas are the most sought-after path to residence.

Visa Matters will assess your eligibility by calculating your points, plan and compile your Expression of Interest, and lodge your application for you and your family.

With the help of our Licensed Immigration Advisers, YOU can maximise YOUR chances of becoming New Zealand residents.

Our low-risk approach lets you know of any potential barriers to you being approved residence – we can develop a strategy for you to overcome any hurdles.

Partnership Categories

You can apply for a work visa or visitor visa if you are:

  • The partner of a New Zealand citizen/resident
  • The partner of a work visa holder in New Zealand

While you must have been living in a relationship with your partner, there is NO requirement to be married to your partner, and NO minimum period of living together when applying for a work visa or visitor visa. Once you have lived 12 months or more in a relationship with your NZ partner, you can apply for residence under the Partnership Category.

Parent Retirement Category

If you reside in New Zealand and your parents are overseas, they may qualify for residence under the Parent Retirement Category.

The main requirement is for your parents to invest a total of $1 million in New Zealand for four years.

Visa Matters Ltd can assess your parents’ eligibility under this category and represent them for a resident visa application. There will be delays in INZ processing applications under this category, so it’s best to lodge an application at least two years before your parents intend to immigrate to New Zealand.

Don’t wait, contact us today!

Investor Visa

Investors with a minimum of NZ$3 million should contact Visa Matters now for a consultation on how you can be approved residence under the Investor Category. Visa Matters provides an array of customised visa services for investors moving to New Zealand. We can also assist you with long-term business support and services. After residence approval, we help applicants deal with Immigration New Zealand’s ongoing investment funds checks. We can also organise professional real estate, accounting, taxation, IT and business management services.

Complex Visa Matters

Are you on Immigration New Zealand’s risk radar? Have you been declined a visa, or issued a “PPI letter” / “letter of concern”? If so, you need expert advice and assistance urgently. Licensed immigration advisers at Visa Matters can handle complex immigration matters, including clients whose visa applications have been declined, who are unlawfully in New Zealand, or who need to appeal against their deportation to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.

We also specialise in requesting character and medical waivers on behalf of our clients.

Limited Visa

Limited Visas can be an ideal option if you have already been declined a Visitor Visa or Student Visa, or if you are travelling to New Zealand for a special reason. Visa Matters will organise your Limited Visa application, telling you the evidence you should provide, and writing to INZ explaining why you should be approved a visa. We help potential visitors construct strong and robust applications which address the concerns and questions of Immigration New Zealand, giving you the best chance to travel to New Zealand to visit or study!