What sets us apart from the other reputed immigration law practices?


  • The premium quality of our immigration advice and representation is recognised by hundreds of our clients by way of glowing (and verifiable) written reviews.

  • An exceptional level of client experience in line with our written agreement for professional services.

  • We specialise in handling complex visa matters, meaning our level of knowledge of New Zealand immigration law is very high.

  • Most new clients come to us by way of referrals from greatly satisfied recipients of our services.

  • Our team possesses decades of NZ immigration industry experience and comprises Ex-immigration New Zealand officers and a former INZ Branch Manager, who mainly managed Immigration New Zealand's Beijing, Singapore, Manila, and Wellington branches.

  • We are fully owned by a Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA), so adherence to legal compliance is guaranteed. 

  • Our state-of-the-art client records management system keeps all your information secure, in electronic format. We maintain records of virtually all business correspondence, so key information is unlikely to be lost or misplaced.

  • Our principal LIA is also Education New Zealand (ENZ) trained, which means, he possesses all the current knowledge of studying and living in New Zealand.

  • Our principal LIA is a primary member of the New Zealand Association for Migration & Investment (NZAMI).

  • Our professional services give excellent value for money.

  • We offer easy to understand written agreements for professional services. 

  • We have a multilingual team - can speak English, Hindi, Punjabi and Slovenian.

  • Initial 15 minutes phone consultations are totally free and without obligation.

Why Us?